Thursday, July 8, 2010

A very big thank you

I appreciate and thank you all who have directly joined the campaign as followers.

PUNE we have so far 35 trees (8/7/2010 15:00 hrs) to be planted.

PUNE we are going at the rate of planting approx 9 trees per day.

I am more than confident we will make it a success.

I have a humble request please write your experiences and commitments made to your self on Motoring habits via I OWE YOU Pune....

Pune please also give value additions for the cause.


  1. Hi there, My group and I planted about 100 trees 10 years back as the number of people attending the drive was good but then there were just 5 of us who used to later on look after the plants and water them etc. and eventually even after taking extreme care, only about 25-30 of thoses survived and main reason was that the planted trees were very small so about 8-10 inches grown when planted. Next year we planted only 5 plants each we got all those plants form the forest department and they sell plants which are already grown to 5 ft. then you have to just take care that they get gel in the soil where you plant them and you can be rest assured that they wil grow.

  2. Hi All, planting a tree is really good news and U're doing great work for welfare of mother work. But it needs to maintained properly otherwise our work will go in vain. Not only just planting tree but also we should take care of it atleast for few months.. This would be really help to achieve our goal not instead keep 'just' planting.

    - Kannan