Monday, August 23, 2010

When will moral awakening happen......

Every where on the streets of Pune which ever way you pass by, there is just nothing right. Do you people not notice it for yourself. I have started to sympathize the city rather than feeling angry. I want to share some big pictures with you all soon.

Updates from me is that we will soon be having our website up and running for this nobel cause.


We will be planting mainly fruit trees, such as Imli, Chickoo, Jamun, Mango and so on.

These trees will be planted in the societies near you, plus schools where your children study. The idea is to let your children take the onus and grow their own trees.

I genuinely thank all the participation happening in the I OWE YOU PUNE campaign.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Frist Tree plantation session.....

Pune....we all need to be proud of our selves that in such a short time we have crossed 500 members (as followers, email...) to I OWE YOU PUNE  campaign.

We will soon be identifying the location for these plantation.

My idea was to plant trees at all those locations the followers suggest most appropriate, because our followers are so wide spread geographically and perhaps they would like to have plantations near their area of living or work. So they can take care of these trees associated to their commitment for safer and greener Pune.

I would like to welcome suggestions from all our associates to the campaign, ultimately its our commitment, our life, our Pune.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am ..... HE was.

Day before yesterday a friend driving on the mumbai Pune express highway a posh high end luxury car.

Time 7:30 am, approaching panvel exit, speed unknown, activity driving, speaking on the phone discussing the date and mahurat for the house warming of the person who is driving. Felt thirsty, grabbed a bottle of water, trying to open, bottle slipped, rolled over on the co driver seat, trying to just spot  split second eyes off the road and gets hold, and then a loud BANG, SCREECH, and CRASH.

Our friend from other side, kept screaming and trying to find out what happened?????

On the other side, complete silence......

Can you imagine the silence and the interpretation of the silence..... imagine a weak hearted person on the other side.

After about half a minute, a loud cry and friend from the car gasping for breath.... screaming hello, hello helloooo.

Confirmation a major accident, fortunately no one injured.

I got the news so, i had rushed immediately from my office, on reaching site, investigated the root cause and the findings are:

straight patch, with right bend, friend wearing the seat belt, over speeding, multi tasking and casually took his eyes of the road for split second and a CRASH. Damage value approx 7-8 lac rupees.

Every body congratulated him on his fortune, good luck and so on....

Recall the discussion over the phone, house warming, mahurat, preparation and so on.

Pune if you realize the difference between "I am and He was" is just split second and its a fact of life.

Born and so death is inevitable, but death by negligence is definitely uncalled for.

Choice is OUR's....

Friday, July 16, 2010

The spread of light has began.....

11 days,  250 commitments and moving strength to strength.
I have always believed and understood Pune as a cultural city, where love, warmth, sharing, caring and commitment are core values. Pune believes in doing things more than talking alone.
Our campaign and the positive responses are only confirming the cultural core values.

Pune can we make this happen
"A day without fatal accident"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

PUNE ?????

PUNE ?????,

Is it so interesting, logical and macho to carry a helmet and place it on the rear view mirror while riding the bike.

Is it so ammusing to talk with a tilted neck and ride a bike holding the phone between ear and shoulder. Does that make us more efficient, responsible or lovable.

Am sure it must be innovative and a ScI-FcI character feeling to push the cell phone in the helmet from the side and talk.

Do we really care, do we really mean when we say I LOVE YOU to our near and dear ones or are we living a fake life....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death calls come from left.....

"The entire campaign of i OWE you Pune, is just an eye opener towards all those small things we see, we observe, but don't FOLLOW... reason UNKNOWN ...

Monsoon season, weekends, lovely weather, long drives and obvious may be a weekend get away.

There are a plenty of beautiful places around... LONAVALA remains a hot favorite.

Long express way drive, music, family and friends.

Have you ever observed that in this moment of happiness, we are negligent towards our driving and road safety responsibilities.

On the express highway,
1] At regular intervals its mentioned speed 80km, can you spot any car who follows that speed, in fact all over speed.
2] Regular signage is mentioned, observe lane discipline. Maximum reverse of that happens, you will see 70% heavy traffic is plying from right or middle lane and light traffic zip zap all over the highway lanes.

Are you aware of the deaths on express highway everyday, why deaths even worse injured getting permanent disabled ... imagine LIFE.

DID YOU KNOW that maximum or should I say daily accidents on the express highway happen due to:
1] Tyre Burst
2] Over Speeding
3] Lane Cutting
4] coupled to all the above is not wearing seat belt.

All are outcome of sheer negligence, who can we blame but only Our self.

Please PUNE try and understand the importance of your LIFE, your dreams and the importance of your life for your near and dear ones.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comment from a friend Sunil Narula....

Sunil Narula ‎'''marzi hai aapki sar hai aapka'' this is the best slogan to have to educate people on benefits HELMET .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pune we are doing great...

We are going strong at an average of 11 plants per day as of mid night 8th July 2010.

Did you know????

By having uneven tire pressure you increase carbon footprints.

A very big thank you

I appreciate and thank you all who have directly joined the campaign as followers.

PUNE we have so far 35 trees (8/7/2010 15:00 hrs) to be planted.

PUNE we are going at the rate of planting approx 9 trees per day.

I am more than confident we will make it a success.

I have a humble request please write your experiences and commitments made to your self on Motoring habits via I OWE YOU Pune....

Pune please also give value additions for the cause.

Concern over joining in......

I have been getting huge response, Thank You PUNE.
However I understand from the calls received at times people with hotmail or rediff are not able to join in.
Please write a mail to and you will be added to the campaign.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you know?????

When your car is standing at the signal for in running condition the temperature of the engine compartment is approximately 100 degree celcius. On an average we have 100 plus cars standing at the signal from all direction during peak traffic time. This is the clear indication that just because we cant stay with out AC for max 120 seconds, we burn one tea cup of fuel (NATURAL RESOURCE) and subsequently create a FURNACE of 10000 degree around.
Is this not DIRECT GLOBAL WARMING, Is this not direct wastage of Natural resource.
Think twice about it...... WHO IS TO BLAME?????
Come on Pune...... Let's modify some small habits and make big difference.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Process to join in.....

I have received over whelhming response even on calls and i feel proud to be a Punekar, because i have always felt that "Pune tithe kay UNE". It means Pune is never short of warmth, love, affection and sense of responsibility. Its just a matter of time before we will have that day without a fatal accident on road.
Some of us have been facing problem to join the blog following is the process:
1] Log into
2] you can read the new post
3] on the right hand side of your screen you will see "FOLLOW"
4] Click on it and add your email address to join.
5] Incase you are a hotmail or a rediff user.
6] Create a google account, it takes just 3/4 minutes.

COMMENTS: you can read and add your comments about the POST and the initiative.

I OWE YOU SLIP: when you comment on the post and write about your commitment for avoiding a specific negligence for
Example 1: I decide to wear helmet today onwards.
Example 2: I promise to wear seatbelt whenever i drive.
Example 3: I promise not to drink and ride or drive.
So on.....

For every commitment we treat this as a I OWE YOU slip and a tree will be planted.

Come on Pune let us do it.....

Incase you still have concern you can write to me on

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Social Awakening..... Me, Myself and Mine

FUTURE an unseen and unfolded secret… How much ever we try it unveils only with time. May be its unknown so we are extra cautious and we work towards it. When was the last we realized that in this virtue of securing our future we almost give up living in the present? There is a saying “make hay when sun shines” also “prevention is better than cure”.

Right from childhood we are brought up by telling us to invest today for a better future. Invest Time in studies for better results and marks and career. As a young working professional s (he) is advised to invest in better options for better and quicker ROI it will in turn help us buy house and car. As a parent we invest in Insurance and future this time long term because it involves future of our children and ambitions we have for them.

We are the most beautiful creation of GOD and our hard work and curiosity has made us smarter. If you remember, there is a saying “Curiosity killed the ….”
Have we looked back, thought for a while that our small obvious miss and negligence cost a life and also ruin the future…..

I want to make this statement, “We realize but don’t acknowledge. We understand but don’t register.

We are so casually of our small mistakes so long they are done by somebody else why is it that we are serious only when its effects us directly. We are so much driven by materialistic goals for the future (its definitely for a better life and living), that we even fore go our basic moral responsibilities for today.

This campaign which I initiate today is based on sensitizing us more on our motoring habits, trying to create awareness, ROAD ACCIDENTS are the worst killing disease than any other Virus, It takes its toll every day and the 90% reason for the death is our own negligence. No longer “Ignorance is bliss, however half knowledge is DANGEROUS”.

Why do we not want to learn from the mistakes we see around? What’s the point of tasting salt purposefully when you know its sour….
This BLOG is a platform where I request and invite PUNE to come forward and share their experiences, GOOD, BAD and UGLY which can be eye opener for Road safety. Open your hearts out remove its frustrations and talk (write) I believe your every experience will be equally important like the Holy verses. It’s going to be a learning curve. Let our campaign be an eye opener for many of us around. If my facts and figures and your experience transform the way people think and save a life from a so called accidental death……… I think it’s WORTH.

Its such a cycle, I live for my family, their dreams, their hope and we are negligent on the road, in an accident we end our life what happens to those, smiles, those dreams, those hopes… THINK twice.
Not only with every follower, also with every “I OWE YOU slip” you mention and promise yourself not to be negligent, a life will be born, a TREE will be planted and you will contribute directly to environment and future health of your child too.

Trust me there are so many things we practically do every day I will write and bring to light through this blog, which directly impact our LIFE and our ENVIRONMENT.

The logo is a symbol of WATER, EARTH and LIFE.