Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Social Awakening..... Me, Myself and Mine

FUTURE an unseen and unfolded secret… How much ever we try it unveils only with time. May be its unknown so we are extra cautious and we work towards it. When was the last we realized that in this virtue of securing our future we almost give up living in the present? There is a saying “make hay when sun shines” also “prevention is better than cure”.

Right from childhood we are brought up by telling us to invest today for a better future. Invest Time in studies for better results and marks and career. As a young working professional s (he) is advised to invest in better options for better and quicker ROI it will in turn help us buy house and car. As a parent we invest in Insurance and future this time long term because it involves future of our children and ambitions we have for them.

We are the most beautiful creation of GOD and our hard work and curiosity has made us smarter. If you remember, there is a saying “Curiosity killed the ….”
Have we looked back, thought for a while that our small obvious miss and negligence cost a life and also ruin the future…..

I want to make this statement, “We realize but don’t acknowledge. We understand but don’t register.

We are so casually of our small mistakes so long they are done by somebody else why is it that we are serious only when its effects us directly. We are so much driven by materialistic goals for the future (its definitely for a better life and living), that we even fore go our basic moral responsibilities for today.

This campaign which I initiate today is based on sensitizing us more on our motoring habits, trying to create awareness, ROAD ACCIDENTS are the worst killing disease than any other Virus, It takes its toll every day and the 90% reason for the death is our own negligence. No longer “Ignorance is bliss, however half knowledge is DANGEROUS”.

Why do we not want to learn from the mistakes we see around? What’s the point of tasting salt purposefully when you know its sour….
This BLOG is a platform where I request and invite PUNE to come forward and share their experiences, GOOD, BAD and UGLY which can be eye opener for Road safety. Open your hearts out remove its frustrations and talk (write) I believe your every experience will be equally important like the Holy verses. It’s going to be a learning curve. Let our campaign be an eye opener for many of us around. If my facts and figures and your experience transform the way people think and save a life from a so called accidental death……… I think it’s WORTH.

Its such a cycle, I live for my family, their dreams, their hope and we are negligent on the road, in an accident we end our life what happens to those, smiles, those dreams, those hopes… THINK twice.
Not only with every follower, also with every “I OWE YOU slip” you mention and promise yourself not to be negligent, a life will be born, a TREE will be planted and you will contribute directly to environment and future health of your child too.

Trust me there are so many things we practically do every day I will write and bring to light through this blog, which directly impact our LIFE and our ENVIRONMENT.

The logo is a symbol of WATER, EARTH and LIFE.


  1. Hi,
    I think this is a brilliant initiative Mr.Mali

    My family and me have been through a really horrible incident 4 years back. We lost 4 people from our family in a terrible road accident which included 3 of my uncles (my mother's younger brothers) and one aunt. All less than 43 years of age.
    I don't know what could have prevented that horrifying incident .... a seat belt maybe .... but analyzing that is no use now.... we cant undo anything now.....
    I appeal to all people to be very careful while driving ..... please think about your families first before thinking about the thrill of speed driving.......
    It is rightly said...."Speed thrills but it definitely Kills" !!


  2. Snehal, I am sorry, but i must tell you it takes huge courage and strength to write such nerve wrecking experiences. I am sure all the people who read your comment will pick up their bit of responsible behaviour initiative.

  3. thank you Mr. mali.

    Yes I have chosen thank you to start with. A lot of my friends and i have gone through a lot of bad experiences.
    Few basic rules that puneites forget and ignore like kids which makes life difficult on roads.

    one basic of lots of other things is USING DIPPER IN NIGHT. PLEASE puneites follow this basic rule.
    I wud like to add certain rules in each post .
    Thank you again sir.

  4. Hi Mr Mali, its a gr8 initiative to make people aware that how careless thay have become.

    I would really want everyone to stop using upper while driving in city. My hubby and I had faced lot of issues as people do not use dipper even after flashing them. Please its risky for u and us also. Atleast think of the person who is waiting for you in the confidence that u will be back home safe.
    There's nothing more precious and important than ur life.

  5. Hi Mr Mali,

    Really appreciate your initiative. This will surely shake our souls to think twice before breaking a rule.
    It is important to be a responsible citizen. Deaths by road accidents are usually due to negligence.
    I would like to bring out that many lady drivers in pune do not wear helmets as they prefer to tie a dupatta that might help them from tan or dust.Girls, let us all atleast be resposible enough.