Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pune we are doing great...

We are going strong at an average of 11 plants per day as of mid night 8th July 2010.


  1. I regularly switch off my car engine at the red light. I vow to continue doing that whenever the engine is being idle for a longer time.
    Great initiative DSK Toyota. Tree = Tree + 1. :)

  2. Its a great initiative...a small step towards a biiiggg goal...I vow to use cycles for shorter distances around home. I have been doing it, but now I will attempt to use it more frequently.

  3. Dear Sourabh and Sameer, I appreciate your individual initiatives. I am sure this will be inspiration for many other Punekar.

  4. I will ride my bike below 60kmph.
    I will always wear a Helmet.

    Its not only my life I am risking. It will always be the life of others as well on the road. Even if we survive an accident, but then if we kill somebody in an accident on the road, I will be always be in trauma that because of my negligence...

    Also this tree plantation drive, ever thought of inviting all the followers from Pune for a mass tree plantation on any Sunday morning?

  5. Its our city...our country...our planet...our let us be sensitive and careful towards them all.
    Our ATTITUDE makes a difference, so let's change it and make this happen.
    While driving let us stop for a moment and let the other vehicle cross the lane first?
    While driving, stop on for a few seconds and let the pedestrian cross the road?
    We should keep our surroundings clean...and all it needs is a dustbin and a bit of a discipline!
    Let us plant more trees and make our planet greener and better place to live for our future generations.
    Every drop counts so let us begin this change from ourselves and spread the good word around.