Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death calls come from left.....

"The entire campaign of i OWE you Pune, is just an eye opener towards all those small things we see, we observe, but don't FOLLOW... reason UNKNOWN ...

Monsoon season, weekends, lovely weather, long drives and obvious may be a weekend get away.

There are a plenty of beautiful places around... LONAVALA remains a hot favorite.

Long express way drive, music, family and friends.

Have you ever observed that in this moment of happiness, we are negligent towards our driving and road safety responsibilities.

On the express highway,
1] At regular intervals its mentioned speed 80km, can you spot any car who follows that speed, in fact all over speed.
2] Regular signage is mentioned, observe lane discipline. Maximum reverse of that happens, you will see 70% heavy traffic is plying from right or middle lane and light traffic zip zap all over the highway lanes.

Are you aware of the deaths on express highway everyday, why deaths even worse injured getting permanent disabled ... imagine LIFE.

DID YOU KNOW that maximum or should I say daily accidents on the express highway happen due to:
1] Tyre Burst
2] Over Speeding
3] Lane Cutting
4] coupled to all the above is not wearing seat belt.

All are outcome of sheer negligence, who can we blame but only Our self.

Please PUNE try and understand the importance of your LIFE, your dreams and the importance of your life for your near and dear ones.


  1. Mr. Mali,

    Such a wonderful idea of educating and transforming thoughts into reality. Please consider me as a part of this campaign. Let me know how to participate and help our own puneites.


  2. Mr. Mali,

    This is a great initiative by you and DSK group, hats off for this...

    Everybody should follow the traffic rules on road.

    All the best,
    Mahendra Salunke

  3. I have seen people in pune driving expensive cars, i wish instead they would have bought some traffic sense.

    1. Dont show the indicators while turning
    2. Cut lanes, drive in wrong lanes
    3. Enter not entry zone, to save little bit of fuel
    4. Drive on High Beam in City
    5. Overtake from left
    6. Drive without having right &/or left rearview mirror or most of the time its closed.

    The above errors are also true for 2 wheeler riders most of them dont have mirrors as its out of fashion riders. I have observed as soon as ppl get new bike the 1st thing they do is remove the mirrors as they get the gaps while driving coz of mirrors.

    I have also observed people show the hand to turn and turn instantly even without looking behind assuming that thier hand is a hand of god and that they have done thier duty and car coming with a speed of 50-60 will stop instantly.

    I hope once pune ppl will start making use of indicators, horn, high beam low beam and use them in a way as shown in traffic book. The traffic will be more organized

  4. Mr, Mali,
    Please post something about the use of low beams in city specially in rains. Those projector lamps are really very painful. i guess many of the lady drivers dont know how to change light beams from low to high or vice versa.

    If any lay driver reading this, please comment and be truthful...