Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you know?????

When your car is standing at the signal for in running condition the temperature of the engine compartment is approximately 100 degree celcius. On an average we have 100 plus cars standing at the signal from all direction during peak traffic time. This is the clear indication that just because we cant stay with out AC for max 120 seconds, we burn one tea cup of fuel (NATURAL RESOURCE) and subsequently create a FURNACE of 10000 degree around.
Is this not DIRECT GLOBAL WARMING, Is this not direct wastage of Natural resource.
Think twice about it...... WHO IS TO BLAME?????
Come on Pune...... Let's modify some small habits and make big difference.


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  2. This is another good thought here!
    Can made anyone think a twice before keeping vehicle on at signal,

    Can we share more tips/Topics on saving fuel by following good driving habits ?.

    I am Searching more Topic on fuel efficient driving habits, you may help on it .

    It will be better if we can prove such fuel saving proposals graphically/Statistically
    like how the

    1)rpm/speed and Fuel Efficiency Graph
    2)Break power and power utilized in actual running of vehicle-To propose good gear changing habit
    3)Fuel loss when heavy acceleration and des-acceleration (braking)
    4)Fuel loss due to continuous engagement of clutch-improper uses of clutch

    This will have greater impact on the people.