Friday, July 23, 2010

I am ..... HE was.

Day before yesterday a friend driving on the mumbai Pune express highway a posh high end luxury car.

Time 7:30 am, approaching panvel exit, speed unknown, activity driving, speaking on the phone discussing the date and mahurat for the house warming of the person who is driving. Felt thirsty, grabbed a bottle of water, trying to open, bottle slipped, rolled over on the co driver seat, trying to just spot  split second eyes off the road and gets hold, and then a loud BANG, SCREECH, and CRASH.

Our friend from other side, kept screaming and trying to find out what happened?????

On the other side, complete silence......

Can you imagine the silence and the interpretation of the silence..... imagine a weak hearted person on the other side.

After about half a minute, a loud cry and friend from the car gasping for breath.... screaming hello, hello helloooo.

Confirmation a major accident, fortunately no one injured.

I got the news so, i had rushed immediately from my office, on reaching site, investigated the root cause and the findings are:

straight patch, with right bend, friend wearing the seat belt, over speeding, multi tasking and casually took his eyes of the road for split second and a CRASH. Damage value approx 7-8 lac rupees.

Every body congratulated him on his fortune, good luck and so on....

Recall the discussion over the phone, house warming, mahurat, preparation and so on.

Pune if you realize the difference between "I am and He was" is just split second and its a fact of life.

Born and so death is inevitable, but death by negligence is definitely uncalled for.

Choice is OUR's....


  1. True very true. I am recently relocated to Pune and still not dared to buy a bike. When I travel in bus and see around, I am seeing lot of such things. Lot of people are rushing there bikes, they are in so hurry that they drive bike on foot paths risking the walking people. Also nobody cares signal...
    we need to think on this Pune....

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  3. Typical casual for an Indian to behave this way on the road. We belong to the clan of kings and try doing things we cannot (gallantry) on the roads proving that belong to those kings ages ago. Some succeed some don't (end up in a Panipat). But mind you thats the attitude with all. The attitude is with even our own non drivers who will say "Hey that over take should have been a peace of cake for you", "beta! you dont know how to drive, you need to be a bit aggressive". If one follows the lane system, obeys rules and stops for someone crossing the road is termed a coward and is proclaimed as a looser if he allows someone to over take him. I have driven in the US and I know how drivers there screech to a halt when they see a pedestrian crossing. Because they are aware of the dire consequences, but here in India nothing happens. Its a simple panchnama some money here and there and still the premium remains the same no points placed on the license.
    To be frank and as one of my friend says "we Indians are protected by luck and god himself" this is what he told one injured foreigner who assumed that the vehicle that hit him would stop, since he was crossing the road.

    I all I see is hope in the movements that I join for traffic sensibility.