Friday, July 16, 2010

The spread of light has began.....

11 days,  250 commitments and moving strength to strength.
I have always believed and understood Pune as a cultural city, where love, warmth, sharing, caring and commitment are core values. Pune believes in doing things more than talking alone.
Our campaign and the positive responses are only confirming the cultural core values.

Pune can we make this happen
"A day without fatal accident"


  1. Yesterday I saw campaign ad at E square shown before movie, it was completely failure to pass message across, No one even noticed what is there on screen. Something has projected on screen as still and that too in words and some ones voice coming on, I bet I looked at theater no one even looking at screen. Movie is visual media you need to use it in such effective manner so that ppl should remember it for at least 10 mints. Leave it to traffic department; they owe us everything on tax we paid. Better we look in to our jobs and follow traffic rules as we are supposed to just like we do our own activity in day to day life.

  2. Thx sir for this campaign i am with you..

    Mayank Tiwari